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1999Amorphous Fe-Si and Fe-Ge nanostructures quantitatively analyzed by x-ray-photoelectron spectroscopySchleberger, M; Walser, P; Hunziker, M; Landolt, M
2002Atomic force microscopy of thin organic films on silicon in ultrahigh vacuum and under ambient conditionsReiniger, M; Basnar, B; Friedbacher, G; Schleberger, M
1997Circularly polarized photon emission spectroscopy of keV ions scattering off (un-)magnetized surfacesHoekstra, R; Manske, J; Dirska, M; Lubinski, G; Schleberger, M; Narmann, A
1997Measuring hystereses of magnetic surfaces by ion scatteringSchleberger, M; Dirska, M; Manske, J; Narmann, A
1999Nanostructure of Ge deposited on Si(001): a study by XPS peak shape analysis and AFMSimonsen, AC; Schleberger, M; Tougaard, S; Hansen, JL; Larsen, AN
1998Probing of magnetic surfaces with inherent monolayer sensitivity by ion scatteringNarmann, A; Dirska, M; Manske, J; Schleberger, M
2000Quantitative investigation of amorphous Fe/Ge and Fe/Si by inelastic peak shape analysisSchleberger, M
1998Spin-sensitive electron capture into excited states as a probe to investigate magnetic surfacesNarmann, A; Dirska, M; Manske, J; Lubinski, G; Schleberger, M; Hoekstra, R
1997Structural studies of the Pb(110) surface with ISS and RHEEDSpeller, S; Schleberger, M; Heiland, W
1997Surface magnetism investigated by low energy ion scattering in the grazing incidence modeNarmann, A; Schleberger, M; Dirska, M; Manske, J; Lubinski, G; Hoekstra, R
1997Surface magnetism studied by polarized light emission after He+ scatteringManske, J; Dirska, M; Lubinski, G; Schleberger, M; Narmann, A; Hoekstra, R
2005Thin Co films on Cu(111) studied by electron capture spectroscopySchleberger, M; Manske, J; Dirska, M
2003Trajectory straggling and nonlinear effects in the energy loss of surface-channeled ionsRobin, A; Reiniger, M; Narmann, A; Schleberger, M; Juaristi, JI; Heiland, W