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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20113D Self-Assembled Plasmonic Superstructures of Gold Nanospheres: Synthesis and Characterization at the Single-Particle LevelGellner, Magdalena; Steinigeweg, Dennis; Ichilmann, Sachar; Salehi, Mohammad; Schuetz, Max; Koempe, Karsten; Haase, Markus ; Schluecker, Sebastian
2011Deep UV Resonance Raman Spectroscopy with a Tunable 4 kHz Nanosecond Solid-State Laser and a 1 mL Circulating Free-Flow SystemBroeermann, Andreas; Schluecker, Sebastian
2011Design and synthesis of Raman reporter molecules for tissue imaging by immuno-SERS microscopySchuetz, Max; Mueller, Christian I.; Salehi, Mohammad; Lambert, Christoph; Schluecker, Sebastian
2018Evaluation of 3D gold nanodendrite layers obtained by templated galvanic displacement reactions for SERS sensing and heterogeneous catalysisHan, Weijia; Stepula, Elzbieta; Philippi, Michael; Schluecker, Sebastian; Steinhart, Martin 
2011Fast and Cost-Effective Purification of Gold Nanoparticles in the 20-250 nm Size Range by Continuous Density Gradient CentrifugationSteinigeweg, Dennis; Schuetz, Max; Salehi, Mohammad; Schluecker, Sebastian
2013Force field-based conformational searches: efficiency and performance for peptide receptor complexesGrebner, Christoph; Niebling, Stephan; Schmuck, Carsten; Schluecker, Sebastian; Engels, Bernd
2010Hydrogen bonding in the pyrimidine/formamide system: a concentration-dependent Raman and DFT studySrivastava, Sunil K.; Schluecker, Sebastian; Alves, Wagner A.
2011Hydrophilically stabilized gold nanostars as SERS labels for tissue imaging of the tumor suppressor p63 by immuno-SERS microscopySchuetz, Max; Steinigeweg, Dennis; Salehi, Mohammad; Koempe, Karsten; Schluecker, Sebastian
2011Immuno-Surface-Enhanced Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Microscopy: Immunohistochemistry with Target-Specific Metallic Nanoprobes and Nonlinear Raman MicroscopySchluecker, Sebastian; Salehi, Mohammad; Bergner, Gero; Schuetz, Max; Stroebel, Philipp; Marx, Alexander; Petersen, Iver; Dietzek, Benjamin; Popp, Juergen
2013Label-Free SERS Monitoring of Chemical Reactions Catalyzed by Small Gold Nanoparticles Using 3D Plasmonic SuperstructuresXie, Wei; Walkenfort, Bernd; Schluecker, Sebastian
2013Microspectroscopic SERS detection of interleukin-6 with rationally designed gold/silver nanoshellsWang, Yuling; Salehi, Mohammad; Schuetz, Max; Rudi, Katharina; Schluecker, Sebastian
2012Monodispersity and size control in the synthesis of 20-100 nm quasi-spherical silver nanoparticles by citrate and ascorbic acid reduction in glycerol-water mixturesSteinigeweg, Dennis; Schluecker, Sebastian
2009Multiplexing with SERS labels using mixed SAMs of Raman reporter moleculesGellner, Magdalena; Koempe, Karsten; Schluecker, Sebastian
2012Optimal control of coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering image contrastBergner, Gero; Schluecker, Sebastian; Kampe, Bernd; Dittrich, Peter; Dietzek, Benjamin; Popp, Juergen
2011Plasmonically active micron-sized beads for integrated solid-phase synthesis and label-free SERS analysisGellner, Magdalena; Niebling, Stephan; Kuchelmeister, Hannes Y.; Schmuck, Carsten; Schluecker, Sebastian
2009Quantitative CARS Microscopic Detection of Analytes and Their Isotopomers in a Two-Channel Microfluidic ChipBergner, Gero; Chatzipapadopoulos, Susana; Akimov, Denis; Dietzek, Benjamin; Malsch, Daniell; Henkel, Thomas; Schluecker, Sebastian; Popp, Juergen
2012Quantitative label-free monitoring of peptide recognition by artificial receptors: a comparative FT-IR and UV resonance Raman spectroscopic studyNiebling, Stephan; Kuchelmeister, Hannes Y.; Schmuck, Carsten; Schluecker, Sebastian
2011Quantitative, label-free and site-specific monitoring of molecular recognition: a multivariate resonance Raman approachNiebling, Stephan; Kuchelmeister, Hannes Y.; Schmuck, Carsten; Schluecker, Sebastian
2013Rapid immuno-SERS microscopy for tissue imaging with single-nanoparticle sensitivitySalehi, Mohammad; Steinigeweg, Dennis; Stroebel, Philipp; Marx, Alexander; Packeisen, Jens; Schluecker, Sebastian
2009SERS Microscopy: Nanoparticle Probes and Biomedical ApplicationsSchluecker, Sebastian