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2016Initial-state-independent equilibration at the breakdown of the eigenstate thermalization hypothesisKhodja, Abdellah; Schmidtke, Daniel; Gemmer, Jochen 
2017Interaction-induced weakening of localization in few-particle disordered Heisenberg chainsSchmidtke, Daniel; Steinigeweg, Robin ; Herbrych, Jacek; Gemmer, Jochen 
2018Investigation of the emergence of thermodynamic behavior in closed quantum systems and its relation to standard stochastic descriptionsSchmidtke, Daniel
2016Numerical evidence for approximate consistency and Markovianity of some quantum histories in a class of finite closed spin systemsSchmidtke, Daniel; Gemmer, Jochen 
2013Onset of Fokker-Planck dynamics within a closed finite spin systemNiemeyer, Hendrik; Schmidtke, Daniel; Gemmer, Jochen 
2018Stiffness of probability distributions of work and Jarzynski relation for non-Gibbsian initial statesSchmidtke, Daniel; Knipschild, Lars; Campisi, Michele; Steinigeweg, Robin ; Gemmer, Jochen 
2014Transport in tight-binding bond percolation modelsSchmidtke, Daniel; Khodja, Abdellah; Gemmer, Jochen