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2008A longitudinal study of learning potential and rehabilitation outcome in schizophreniaWatzke, Stefan; Brieger, Peter; Kuss, Oliver; Schoettke, Henning; Wiedl, Karl H.
2006Affect-regulating function of binge episodes in bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorderSchoettke, Henning; Eversmann, Julia; Wiedl, Karl H.
2015Coordinating Research at the Outpatient University Clinics for Psychotherapy in GermanyHoyer, Juergen; Velten, Julia; Benecke, Cord; Berking, Matthias; Heinrichs, Nina; In-Albon, Tina; Lincoln, Tania; Lutz, Wolfgang; Schlarb, Angelika; Schoettke, Henning; Willutzki, Ulrike; Margraf, Juergen
2008Development and validation of an assessment procedure to identify therapy related interpersonal behaviour of postgraduate student therapists (TRIB)Eversmann, Julia; Schoettke, Henning; Wiedl, Karl Heinz
2011Development of a Screening Measure for the Assessment of Personality Disorders: The Personality Disorder Screening - Short Version (PSS-K)Schoettke, Henning; Lange, Julia; Imholz, Mario; Wiedl, Karl Heinz
2021Diagnosing Sexual Dysfunctions: How Frequently Are They Assigned in German University Outpatient Clinics for Psychotherapy?Velten, Julia; Pantazidis, Pierre; Benecke, Andrea; Braescher, Anne-Kathrin; Fehm, Lydia; Fladung, Anne-Katharina; Fydrich, Thomas; Heider, Jens; Hamm, Alfons; In-Albon, Tina; Lange, Julia; Lincoln, Tania; Lutz, Wolfgang; Margraf, Juergen; Schlarb, Angelika; Schoettke, Henning; Troesken, Anne; Weinmann-Lutz, Birgit; Hoyer, Juergen
2013Latent Classes of Personality Disorders: Group Comparisons and Course of PsychotherapyLange, Julia; Schoettke, Henning
2017Method Paper of a Project for Coordinating Research at the University Outpatient Clinics for Psychotherapy in GermanyVelten, Julia; Margraf, Juergen; Benecke, Cord; Berking, Matthias; In-Albon, Tina; Lincoln, Tania; Lutz, Wolfgang; Schlarb, Angelika; Schoettke, Henning; Willutzki, Ulrike; Hoyer, Juergen
2020Post-stroke depression and functional impairments - A 3-year prospective studySchoettke, Henning; Gerke, Leonie; Duesing, Rainer; Moellmann, Anne
2015Post-stroke depression and post-stroke anxiety: prevalence and predictorsSchoettke, Henning; Giabbiconi, Claire-Marie
2017Predicting psychotherapy outcome based on therapist interpersonal skills: A five-year longitudinal study of a therapist assessment protocolSchoettke, Henning; Fluckiger, Christoph; Goldberg, Simon B.; Eversmann, Julia; Lange, Julia
2014Relevance of therapy goals in outpatient cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic psychotherapySchoettke, Henning; Trame, Laura; Sembill, Anja
2008Repeated administrations of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test: A typological algorithm considering stability and practice effectsWaldorf, Manuel ; Schoettke, Henning; Wiedl, Karl Heinz
2020The Effect of Patient Progress Feedback on Psychotherapy OutcomeSchoettke, Henning; Unrath, Michael; Uhlmann, Christina
2022The Measurement Quality of the Beck Depression-Inventory (BDI-II) in Different Clinical Samples: An Item Response Theory AnalysisKeller, Ferdinand; Kuehner, Christine; Alexandrowicz, Rainer W.; Voderholzer, Ulrich; Meule, Adrian; Fegert, Joerg M.; Legenbauer, Tanja; Holtmann, Martin; Braescher, Anne-Kathrin; Cordes, Martin; Fehm, Lydia; Fladung, Anne-Katharina; Fydrich, Thomas; Hamm, Alfons; Heider, Jens; Hoyer, Juergen; In-Albon, Tina; Lincoln, Tania M.; Lutz, Wolfgang; Margraf, Juergen; Renneberg, Babette; Schlarb, Angelika; Schoettke, Henning; Teismann, Tobias; Velten, Julia; Willutzki, Ulrike; Witthoeft, Michael; Ziem, Max; Hautzinger, Martin
2011The observational rating scale Therapy-Related Interpersonal Behaviors (TRIB) in the selection of trainee psychotherapistsEversmann, Julia; Schoettke, Henning; Wiedl, Karl H.; Rogner, Josef
2016The Phase Model of Psychotherapeutic Outcome: Validation of the ``Questionnaire for the Evaluation of Psychotherapeutic Change Processes'' (FEP)Sembill, Anja; Vocks, Silja ; Schoettke, Henning
2019The phase model of psychotherapy outcome: Domain-specific trajectories of change in outpatient treatmentSembill, Anja; Vocks, Silja ; Kosfelder, Joachim; Schoettke, Henning
2011Therapy goals in outpatient cognitive-behavioral therapy or psychodynamic psychotherapy - necessary or irrelevant?Schoettke, Henning; Sembill, Anja; Eversmann, Julia; Waldorf, Manuel ; Lange, Julia
2018Treatment Diagnoses in University Outpatient Clinics for Psychotherapy in Germany - Results of a Feasibility StudyVelten, Julia; Braescher, Anne-Kathrin; Fehm, Lydia; Fladung, Anne-Katharina; Fydrich, Thomas; Heider, Jens; Hentschel, Sophie; Limberg-Thiesen, Anke; Lutz, Wolfgang; Margraf, Juergen; Schoettke, Henning; Witthoeft, Michael; Hoyer, Juergen