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2009Defect structure of Ge(111)/cubic Pr2O3(111)/Si(111) heterostructures: Thickness and annealing dependenceGiussani, A.; Zaumseil, P.; Rodenbach, P.; Weidner, G.; Schubert, M. A.; Geiger, D.; Lichte, H.; Storck, P.; Wollschlaeger, J.; Schroeder, T.
2012Stacking behavior of twin-free type-B oriented CeO2(111) films on hexagonal Pr2O3(0001)/Si(111) systemsZoellner, M. H.; Dabrowski, J.; Zaumseil, P.; Giussani, A.; Schubert, M. A.; Lupina, G.; Wilkens, H. ; Wollschlaeger, J.; Reichling, M. ; Baeumer, M.; Schroeder, T.