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2007Birth method wish, wellbeing and feeling of coherence in the first childbearing experienceHellmers, C.; Schuecking, B.
2010Decisions in the Delivery Room: How Do Obstetricians Come to Their Decisions?Hellmers, C.; Krahl, A.; Schuecking, B.
2008Effect of medical recommendations on jodidsubstitution. Results of a multicentered study with 1200 pregnant ladiesRoehl, S.; Schuecking, B.
2010Family midwives. Subjective impact on infant's and mother's health from the perspective of accompanied mothersMakowsky, K.; Schuecking, B.
2008Health and well-being in peripartal phases: Adiposity is not a topic about the birth?Makowsky, K.; Schuecking, B.
2010How to integrate family midwives into the regular early support system in GermanySchuecking, B.; Makowsky, K.
2008Implementation and impact of midwife in the delivery room from the view point of the medical teamHellmers, C.; Schuecking, B.
2009Mode of birth and well-being in Germany and USAHellmers, C.; Schuecking, B.
2007Perceptions and experiences in the obstretric supervision of overweight and adipose womenMakowsky, K.; Schuecking, B.
2012Stress after Labour - Significance for Maternal Health BehaviourGrieshop, M.; Schuecking, B.
2007The decision for or against interventions in obstretricsHellmers, C.; Schuecking, B.
2008Weight during pregnancy and outcomevon Moeller, K.; Loytved, C.; Schuecking, B.
2008weight during the pregnancy and wellbeingvon Moeller, K.; Loytved, C.; Schuecking, B.