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2014Internet-Based Motivation Program for Women With Eating Disorders: Eating Disorder Pathology and Depressive Mood Predict Dropoutvon Brachel, Ruth; Hoetzel, Katrin; Hirschfeld, Gerrit; Rieger, Elizabeth; Schmidt, Ulrike; Kosfelder, Joachim; Hechler, Tanja; Schulte, Dietmar; Vocks, Silja 
2013Reduced connectivity between the left fusiform body area and the extrastriate body area in anorexia nervosa is associated with body image distortionSuchan, Boris; Bauser, Denise Soria; Busch, Martin; Schulte, Dietmar; Groenemeyer, Dietrich; Herpertz, Stephan; Vocks, Silja 
2013The ups and downs of psychotherapy: Sudden gains and sudden losses identified with session reportsLutz, Wolfgang; Ehrlich, Torsten; Rubel, Julian ; Hallwachs, Nora; Roettger, Marie-Anna; Jorasz, Christine; Mocanu, Sarah; Vocks, Silja ; Schulte, Dietmar; Tschitsaz-Stucki, Armita