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2001Comparing representations of the environmental spatial scale of organic chemicalsBeyer, A; Scheringer, M; Schulze, C; Matthies, M
2001Comparison of different life-cycle impact assessment methods for aquatic ecotoxicitySchulze, C; Jodicke, A; Scheringer, M; Margni, M; Jolliet, O; Hungerbuhler, K; Matthies, M
2002Concentration of LAS and boron in the itter - Comparison of measured data with results obtained by simulation with the GREAT-ER softwareSchroder, FR; Schulze, C; Matthies, M
2001Georeferenced aquatic fate simulation of cleaning agent and detergent ingredients in the river Rur catchment (Germany)Schulze, C; Matthies, M
1999Georeferenced fate modelling of LAS in the Itter streamSchulze, C; Matthies, M; Trapp, S; Schroder, FR