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1997Comultiplication and suspensionKlein, J; Schwanzl, R; Vogt, RM
1992Homotopy homomorphisms and the hammock localizationVogt, Rainer M.; Schwanzl, R
2003Iterated monoidal categoriesBalteanu, C; Fiedorowicz, Z; Schwanzl, R; Vogt, R
2000Modular MetadataSchwanzl, R
2002Operations in A-theoryGunnarsson, T; Schwanzl, R
2003Standardization in variable contexts: The case of the technical virtual libraryKrause, J; Niggemann, E; Schwanzl, R
2002Strong cofibrations and fibrations in enriched categoriesSchwanzl, R; Vogt, RM
2002The Seifert-van Kampen theorem and generalized free products of S-algebrasSchwanzl, R; Staffeldt, R
1997THH(R)congruent to R circle times S-1 for E-infinity ring spectraMcClure, J; Schwanzl, R; Vogt, R
2000Topological Hochschild homologySchwanzl, R; Vogt, RM; Waldhausen, F