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2002(1+1)-Dimensional modulation instability of spatially incoherent lightKip, D; Soljacic, M; Segev, M; Sears, SM; Christodoulides, DN
2000Eliminating the transverse instabilities of Kerr solitonsAnastassiou, C; Soljacic, M; Segev, M; Eugenieva, ED; Christodoulides, DN; Kip, D; Musslimani, ZH; Torres, JP
2000Modulation instability and pattern formation in spatially incoherent light beamsKip, D; Soljacic, M; Segev, M; Eugenieva, E; Christodoulides, DN
2001Self-trapping of bright ringsAnastassiou, C; Pigier, C; Segev, M; Kip, D; Eugenieva, ED; Christodoulides, DN