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2003Anisotropy of the dielectric permittivity of Sn2P2S6 measured with light-induced grating techniquesShumelyuk, A; Barilov, D; Odoulov, S; Kratzig, E
2001Electric-field enhancement of beam coupling in Sn2P2S6Shumelyuk, A; Odoulov, S; Kip, D; Kratzig, E
1996New photorefractive ferroelectric material for red and NearInfraRed: Tin hypothiodiphosphateOdoulov, S; Shumelyuk, A; Hellwig, U; Rupp, R; Brost, G
2001Studies of light-induced charge transfer in Sn2P2S6 by combined EPR/optical absorption spectroscopyRuediger, A; Schirmer, O; Odoulov, S; Shumelyuk, A; Grabar, A