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2003Anisotropy of dielectric permittivity of Sn2P2S6 measured with light-induced grating techniquesShumelyuk, A.; Barilov, D.; Odoulov, S.; Krätzig, E.
2017Dynamic grating mediated energy transfer between two sub-picosecond pulses in LiNbO3Nolte, S.; Bourdon, B.; Freytag, F.; Imlau, M. ; Shumelyuk, A.; Odoulov, S.
2014Gratings recording and wave mixing with sub-100 fs light pulsesOdoulov, S.; Shumelyuk, A.; Badorreck, H.; Nolte, S.; Voit, K.-M.; Imlau, M. 
2017Mid-Infrared photorefractivity with non-degenerate two-photon absorptionBourdon, B.; Freytag, F.; Imlau, M. ; Shumelyuk, A.; Odoulov, S.
1996New photorefractive ferroelectric for red and near infrared: Tin hypothiodiphosphateOdoulov, S.; Shumelyuk, A.; Hellwig, U.; Rupp, R.; Brost, G.
2008Photorefraction of Pb-doped tin hypothiodiphosphateShumelyuk, A.; Bariov, D.; Imlau, M. ; Grabar, A.; Stoyka, I.; Vysochanskii, Yu.
2012Self-diffraction from two-photon absorption gratings in Sn2P2S6Shumelyuk, A.; Imlau, M. ; Dieckmann, V.; Badorreck, H.; Grabar, A.; Odoulov, S.
2009Temperature dependence of photorefractive response of Sn2P 2S6Shumelyuk, A.; Ruediger, A.; Schirmer, O.F.; Hilling, B.; Dieckmann, V.; Brüning, H.; Schemme, T. ; Imlau, M. ; Odoulov, S.
2011Tin hypothiodiphosphate: nonlinear response in the sub-100 fs time domainImlau, M. ; Dieckmann, V.; Badorreck, H.; Shumelyuk, A.
2017Transient energy transfer on the femtosecond timescale in lithium niobateNolte, S.; Bourdon, B.; Freytag, F.; Imlau, M. ; Shumelyuk, A.; Odoulov, S.
2009Wave mixing in nominally undoped Sn2P2S6 at high light intensitiesShumelyuk, A.; Wesner, M.; Imlau, M. ; Odoulov, S.