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2008Albumin Adsorption on the Surface of Iron Containing AluminosilicatesSimon, V.; Cavalu, S.; Prinz, M.; Vanea, E.; Neumann, M.; Simon, S.
2014Assembly and Function of the tRNA-Modifying GTPase MnmE Adsorbed to Surface Functionalized Bioactive GlassGruian, C.; Boehme, S.; Simon, S.; Steinhoff, H-J.; Klare, J. P.
2007Atomic environment changes in titanium-hydroxyapatite sintered powders induced by mechanical strainSimon, V.; Lazar, D.; Popa, C.; Takacs, A. F.; Neumann, M.; Simon, S.
2008Atomic environment changes induced by rare earths addition to heavy metal glassesSimon, V.; Ponta, O.; Simon, S.; Neumann, M.
2009Atomic environment in sol-gel derived nanocrystalline hydroxyapatiteSimon, V.; Lazar, D.; Turcu, R. V. F.; Mocuta, H.; Magyari, K.; Prinz, M.; Neumann, M.; Simon, S.
2012Bioactivity and protein attachment onto bioactive glasses containing silver nanoparticlesVulpoi, A.; Gruian, C.; Vanea, E.; Baia, L.; Simon, S.; Steinhoff, H-J ; Goller, G.; Simon, V.
2016Glass-ceramics: Fundamental aspects regarding the interaction with proteinsGruian, C.; Vanea, E.; Steinhoff, H.-J.; Simon, S.
2007Local order changes induced in calcium-sodium-phosphate glasses by transition metalsSimon, V.; Muresan, D.; Takacs, A. F.; Neumann, M.; Simon, S.
2013Nanostructured biomaterials/biofluids interface processes: Titanium effect on methaemoglobin adsorption on titanosilicate microspheresPonta, O.; Gruian, C.; Vanea, E.; Oprea, B.; Steinhoff, H. -J.; Simon, S.
2012Protein adsorption onto bioactive glasses - conformational changes and quantitative adsorption analysisGruian, C.; Vanea, E.; Vulpoi, A.; Steinhoff, H. J.; Simon, V.; Simon, S.
2012Structural changes of methemoglobin after adsorption on bioactive glass, as a function of surface functionalization and salt concentrationGruian, C.; Vulpoi, A.; Steinhoff, H. -J.; Simon, S.
2009Surface functionalisation of sol-gel derived aluminosilicates in simulated body fluidsSimon, V.; Cavalu, S.; Simon, S.; Mocuta, H.; Vanea, E.; Prinz, M.; Neumann, M.
2013The Attachment Affinity of Hemoglobin toward Silver-Containing Bioactive Glass Functionalized with GlutaraldehydeGruian, C.; Vulpoi, A.; Vanea, E.; Oprea, B.; Steinhoff, H. -J.; Simon, S.
2008The effect of gadoliniurn addition on the surface structure of Bi2O3-GeO2 glasses and vitroceramicsSimon, V.; Ponta, O.; Simon, S.; Udvar, D. A.; Neumann, M.
2007XPS study on silica-bismuthate glasses and glass ceramicsSimon, V.; Todea, M.; Takacs, A. F.; Neumann, M.; Simon, S.