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2022Affect as Disruption: Affective Experimentation, Automobility, and the Ecological CrisisSchütze, P.; Jörg, Kilian; von Maur, Imke; Slaby, Jan
2008Affective intentionality and self-consciousnessSlaby, Jan; Stephan, Achim 
2008Affective intentionality and the feeling bodySlaby, Jan
2009Critical Neuroscience: Linking Neuroscience and Society through Critical PracticeChoudhury, Suparna; Nagel, Saskia Kathi ; Slaby, Jan
2012Depression as an Action DisorderSlaby, Jan; Stephan, Achim 
2011Emotions outside the box-the new phenomenology of feeling and corporealitySchmitz, Hermann; Muellan, Rudolf Owen; Slaby, Jan
2013Enactive Emotion and Impaired Agency in DepressionSlaby, Jan; Paskaleva, Asena; Stephan, Achim 
2007Feelings - sketch of a non-reductive, holistic understandingSlaby, Jan
2008Gefühl und Weltbezug : die menschliche Affektivität im Kontext einer neo-existentialistischen Konzeption von PersonalitätSlaby, Jan