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1998A high-conductance solute channel in the chloroplastic outer envelope from peaPohlmeyer, K; Soll, J; Grimm, R; Hill, K; Wagner, R 
1999A rectifying ATP-regulated solute channel in the chloroplastic outer envelope from peaBolter, B; Soll, J; Hill, K; Hemmler, R; Wagner, R 
2000Identification of the pore-forming region of the outer chloroplast envelope protein OEP16Steinkamp, T; Hill, H; Hinnah, SC; Wagner, R ; Rohl, T; Pohlmeyer, K; Soll, J
1997Isolation and characterization of an amino acid-selective channel protein present in the chloroplastic outer envelope membranePohlmeyer, K; Soll, J; Steinkamp, T; Hinnah, S; Wagner, R 
2006Molecular properties of Oep21, an ATP-regulated anion-selective solute channel from the outer chloroplast membraneHemmler, R; Becker, T; Schleiff, E; Bolter, B; Stahl, T; Soll, J; Gotze, TA; Braams, S; Wagner, R 
1998Origin of a chloroplast protein importerBolter, B; Soll, J; Schulz, A; Hinnah, S; Wagner, R 
1997Reconstitution of a chloroplast protein import channelHinnah, SC; Hill, K; Wagner, R ; Schlicher, T; Soll, J
2000... response: The chloroplast outer envelope: a molecular sieve?Soll, J; Bolter, B; Wagner, R ; Hinnah, SC
2002The chloroplast protein import channel Toc75: Pore properties and interaction with transit peptidesHinnah, SC; Wagner, R ; Sveshnikova, N; Harrer, R; Soll, J
2002The preprotein conducting channel at the inner envelope membrane of plastidsHeins, L; Mehrle, A; Hemmler, R; Wagner, R ; Kuchler, M; Hormann, F; Sveshnikov, D; Soll, J