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2009Characterization of Tic110, a Channel-forming Protein at the Inner Envelope Membrane of Chloroplasts, Unveils a Response to Ca2+ and a Stromal Regulatory Disulfide BridgeBalsera, Monica; Goetze, Tom A.; Kovacs-Bogdan, Erika; Schuermann, Peter; Wagner, Richard ; Buchanan, Bob B.; Soll, Juergen; Boelter, Bettina
2016OEP40, a Regulated Glucose-permeable -Barrel Solute Channel in the Chloroplast Outer Envelope MembraneHarsman, Anke; Schock, Annette; Hemmis, Birgit; Wahl, Vanessa; Jeshen, Ingrid; Bartsch, Philipp; Schlereth, Armin; Pertl-Obermeyer, Heidi; Goetze, Tom Alexander; Soll, Juergen; Philippar, Katrin; Wagner, Richard