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2007A short note on orientation selection in the DEER experiments on a native cofactor and a spin label in the reaction center of Rhodobacter sphaeroidesGajula, P.; Milikisyants, S.; Steinhoff, H.-J.; Huber, M.
2016Characterization of lipodisc nanoparticles containing sensory rhodopsin II and its cognate transducer from Natronomonas pharaonisBagrov, D.V.; Voskoboynikova, N. ; Armeev, G.A.; Mosslehy, W. ; Gluhov, G.S. ; Ismagulova, T.T. ; Mulkidjanian, A.Y.; Kirpichnikov, M.P. ; Steinhoff, H.-J.; Shaitan, K.V.
2017Conjugation of spin labeled proteins to fluorescent quantum dotsMeiners, A.; Meyer-Ács, M.; Bondarenko, E.; Steinhoff, H.-J.; Mittmann, K.
2015Displacement of the tyrosyl radical in RNR enzyme: A sophisticated computational approach to analyze experimental dataPrasad, G.M.N.V.; Steinhoff, H.-J.; Kumar, A.; Siddiq, E.A.; Polumetla, A.K.; Lendzian, F.
2016Glass-ceramics: Fundamental aspects regarding the interaction with proteinsGruian, C.; Vanea, E.; Steinhoff, H.-J.; Simon, S.
2005Intra- and intermolecular distance measurements by ESR spectroscopy [Intra- und intermolekulare Abstandsmessungen mittels ESR-Spektroskopie]Steinhoff, H.-J.
2019MitoCLox: A novel mitochondria-targeted fluorescent probe for tracing lipid peroxidationLyamzaev, K.G.; Sumbatyan, N.V.; Nesterenko, A.M.; Kholina, E.G.; Voskoboynikova, N. ; Steinhoff, H.-J.; Mulkidjanian, A.Y.; Chernyak, B.V.
2005Multi-frequency EPR spectroscopy studies of the structure and conformational changes of site-directed spin labelled membrane proteinsSteinhoff, H.-J.
2007Spin-labeled photosynthetic reaction centers from Rhodobacter sphaeroides studied by electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulationsGajula, P.; Borovykh, I. V.; Beier, C.; Shkuropatova, T.; Gast, P.; Steinhoff, H.-J.
2007Use of spin labels to study membrane proteins by high-frequency electron nuclear double resonance spectroscopyOrlinskii, S. B.; Borovykh, I. V.; Zielke, V.; Steinhoff, H.-J.