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2005Assessing oligomerization of membrane proteins by four-pulse DEER: pH-dependent dimerization of NhaA Na+/H+ antiporter of E-coliHilger, D; Jung, H; Padan, E; Wegener, C; Vogel, KP; Steinhoff, HJ; Jeschke, G
2005Combining high-field EPR with site-directed spin labeling reveals unique information on proteins in actionMobius, K; Savitsky, A; Wegener, C; Rato, M; Fuchs, M; Schnegg, A; Dubinskii, AA; Grishin, YA; Grigor'ev, IA; Kuhn, M; Duche, D; Zimmermann, H; Steinhoff, HJ
2006Effects of solubilization on the structure and function of the sensory rhodopsin II/transducer complexKlare, JP ; Bordignon, E; Doebber, M; Fitter, J; Kriegsmann, J; Chizhov, I; Steinhoff, HJ; Engelhard, M
2006Global hairpin folding of tau in solutionJeganathan, S; von Bergen, M; Brutlach, H; Steinhoff, HJ; Mandelkow, E
2005Incorporation of spin-labelled amino acids into proteinsBecker, CFW; Lausecker, K; Balog, M; Kalai, T; Hideg, K; Steinhoff, HJ; Engelhard, M
2004Inter- and intra-molecular distances determined by EPR spectroscopy and site-directed spin labeling reveal protein-protein and protein-oligonucleotide interactionSteinhoff, HJ
2004Interresidual distance determination by four-pulse double electron-electron resonance in an integral membrane protein: the Na+/proline transporter PutP of Escherichia coliJeschke, G; Wegener, C; Nietschke, M; Jung, H; Steinhoff, HJ
2002Methods for study of protein dynamics and protein-protein interaction in protein-ubiquitination by electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopySteinhoff, HJ
2003Molecular mechanisms of gene regulation studied by site-directed spin labelingSteinhoff, HJ; Suess, B
2002Molecular orbital study of polarity and hydrogen bonding effects on the g and hyperfine tensors of site directed NO spin labelled bacteriorhodopsinPlato, M; Steinhoff, HJ; Wegener, C; Torring, JT; Savitsky, A; Mobius, K
2004Sensory rhodopsin II and bacteriorhodopsin: Light activated helix F movementKlare, JP ; Bordignon, E; Engelhard, M; Steinhoff, HJ
2003Signal transfer from sensory rhodopsin II to its cognate transducerKlare, JP ; Chizhov, I; Schumacher, M; Engelhard, M; Steinhoff, HJ
2000Spin labeling analysis of structure and dynamics of the Na+/proline transporter of Escherichia coliWegener, C; Tebbe, S; Steinhoff, HJ; Jung, HR
2004Spontaneous refolding of the pore-forming colicin A toxin upon membrane association as studied by X-band and W-band high-field electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopySavitsky, A; Kuhn, M; Duche, D; Mobius, K; Steinhoff, HJ
2005Structural analysis of a HAMP domain - The linker region of the phototransducer in complex with sensory rhodopsin IIBordignon, E; Klare, JP ; Doebber, M; Wegener, AA; Martell, S; Engelhard, M; Steinhoff, HJ
2006Structural and dynamic characterization of a vinculin binding site in the talin rodGingras, AR; Vogel, KP; Steinhoff, HJ; Ziegler, WH; Patel, B; Emsley, J; Critchley, DR; Roberts, GCK; Barsukov, IL
2004Synthesis of new 2,2,5,5-tetramethyl-2,5-dihydro-1H-pyrrol-1-yloxyl radicals and 2-substituted-2,5,5-trimethylpyrrolidin-1-yloxyl radicals based alpha-amino acidsBalog, MR; Kalai, TK; Jeko, J; Steinhoff, HJ; Engelhard, M; Hideg, K
2003Synthesis of new conformationally rigid paramagnetic alpha-amino acidsBalog, M; Kalai, T; Jeko, J; Berente, Z; Steinhoff, HJ; Engelhard, M; Hideg, K
2004The archaeal sensory rhodopsin II/transducer complex: a model for transmembrane signal transferKlare, JP ; Gordeliy, VI; Labahn, J; Buldt, G; Steinhoff, HJ; Engelhard, M
2003The study of structural accessibility of free thiol groups in human low-density lipoproteinsKveder, M; Krisko, A; Pifat, G; Steinhoff, HJ