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2009Induction of the AOX1D Isoform of Alternative Oxidase in A-thaliana T-DNA Insertion Lines Lacking Isoform AOX1A Is Insufficient to Optimize Photosynthesis when Treated with Antimycin AStrodtkoetter, Inga; Padmasree, Kollipara; Dinakar, Challabathula; Speth, Birgit; Niazi, Pamela S.; Wojtera, Joanna; Voss, Ingo; Do, Phuc Thi; Nunes-Nesi, Adriano; Fernie, Alisdair R.; Linke, Vera; Raghavendra, Agepati S.; Scheibe, Renate 
2007Transcriptional regulation of NADP-dependent malate dehydrogenase: Comparative genetics and identification of DNA-binding proteinsHameister, Steffen; Becker, Beril; Holtgrefe, Simone; Strodtkoetter, Inga; Linke, Vera; Backhausen, Jan E.; Scheibe, Renate 
2009Use of Transgenic Plants to Uncover Strategies for Maintenance of Redox Homeostasis During PhotosynthesisHanke, Guy T. ; Holtgrefe, Simone; Koenig, Nicolas; Strodtkoetter, Inga; Voss, Ingo; Scheibe, Renate