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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Attractors and auto-oscillations for feedback controlled photorefractive beam couplingPodivilov, EV; Sturman, BI; Odoulov, SG; Pavlyuk, SL; Shcherbin, KV; Gayvoronsky, VY; Ringhofer, KH; Kamenov, VP
1996Bright light dots caused by interference of parametric scattering processes in LiNbO3 crystalsGoulkov, MY; Odoulov, SG; Sturman, BI; Chernykh, AI; Kratzig, E; Jakel, G
1997Coupling of orthogonally polarized eigenwaves in BaTiO3 by light-induced parametric scatteringSturman, BI; Kratzig, E; Odoulov, SG
2001Dynamics of feedback controlled photorefractive beam couplingPodivilov, EV; Sturman, BI; Odoulov, SG; Pavlyuk, S; Shcherbin, KV; Gayvoronsky, VY; Ringhofer, KH; Kamenov, VP
1996Excitation of higher spatial harmonics by a moving light pattern in sillenitesMcClelland, TE; Webb, DJ; Sturman, BI; Shamonina, E; Mann, M; Ringhofer, KH
2003Feedback controlled periodic states for different kinds of photorefractive nonlinear responseSturman, BI; Gorkunova, AS; Ringhofer, KH
1997Feedback-controlled photorefractive two-beam couplingKamenov, VP; Ringhofer, KH; Sturman, BI; Frejlich, J
2003Formation of moving light domains during photorefractive feedback-controlled beam couplingSturman, BI; Kamenov, V; Gorkunov, MV; Ringhofer, KH
1997Fundamentals of the nonlinear theory of photorefractive subharmonicsSturman, BI; Aguilar, M; AgulloLopez, F; Ringhofer, KH
1998Giant momentary readout produced by switching electric fields during two-wave mixing in sillenitesShamonina, E; Ringhofer, KH; Sturman, BI; Kamenov, VP; Cedilnik, G; Esselbach, M; Kiessling, A; Kowarschik, R; Kamshilin, AA; Prokofiev, VV; Jaaskelainen, T
1999Instability of the resonance excitation of space-charge waves in sillenite crystalsSturman, BI; Podivilov, EV; Chernykh, AI; Ringhofer, KH; Kamenov, VP; Pedersen, HC; Johansen, PM
1996Investigation of stochastic photorefractive backscatteringShamonina, E; Sturman, BI; Odoulov, SG; Ringhofer, KH
2006Linear detection of phase-modulated optical signals with ac-biased cubic photorefractive crystals: Influence of coupling effectsFilippov, OS; Sturman, BI
1998Model for multiwave-pumped parametric oscillation in BaTiO3Sturman, BI; Limeres, J; Carrascosa, M; Neumann, J
2003Photorefractive ac-enhanced nonlinear response of sillenites: Low- and high-contrast effectsFilippov, O; Ringhofer, KH; Sturman, BI
2003Polarization properties of light-induced scattering in Bi12TiO20 crystals: theory and experiment for diagonal geometryFilippov, O; Ringhofer, KH; Shamonin, M; Shamonina, E; Kamshilin, AA; Nippolainen, E; Sturman, BI
2000Resonant vectorial wave coupling in cubic photorefractive crystalsSturman, BI; Chernykh, AI; Kamenov, VP; Shamonina, E; Ringhofer, KH
1999Rigorous three-dimensional theory of subharmonic instability in sillenitesSturman, BI; Chernykh, AI; Shamonina, E; Kamenov, VP; Ringhofer, KH
2000Shaping of photorefractive two-wave coupling by fast phase modulationRinghofer, KH; Kamenov, VP; Sturman, BI; Chernykh, A
2003Solutions for vectorial beam coupling under ac field in cubic photorefractive crystalsSturman, BI; Filippov, OS