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2015A Note on the Eigensystem of the Covariance Matrix of Dichotomous Guttman ItemsDavis-Stober, Clintin P.; Doignon, Jean-Paul; Suck, Reinhard
2010Beyond Kolmogorov's probability axioms: Qualitative foundations and new event spaces. Theories of Probability. An examination of logical and qualitative foundations.Suck, Reinhard
1994From Binary Choices to Random Utility RepresentationsSuck, Reinhard
2015Individualized skill assessment in educational games: The mathematical foundtions of partitioningAugustin, Thomas; Hockemeyer, Cord; Suck, Reinhard; Podbregar, Patrick; Kickmeier-Rust, Michael D.; Albert, Dietrich
2011Knowledge Spaces Regarded as Set Representations of Skill StructuresSuck, Reinhard
2008Media: A mathematical structure, its development, forerunners and applicationsSuck, Reinhard
2008Media: A mathematical structure, its development, forerunners and applications (vol 52 pg 202, 2008)Suck, Reinhard
2020New Handbook of Mathematical Psychology: Volume I: Foundations and Methodology; Volume II: Modeling and MeasurementSuck, Reinhard
1989Random Variables and Qualitative Probability RepresentationsSuck, Reinhard
2016Regular choice systems: A general technique to represent them by random variablesSuck, Reinhard
2021Skills first - An alternative approach to construct knowledge spacesSuck, Reinhard
1995The Empirical Claim of Probability Statements, Idealized Bernoulli Experiments and their Approximate VersionSuck, Reinhard; Wienöbst, Joachim
2013The simplified updating rule in the formalization of digital educational gamesAugustin, Thomas; Hockemeyer, Cord; Kickmeier-Rust, Michael D.; Podbregar, Patrick; Suck, Reinhard; Albert, Dietrich
2018The structure of rating scalesSuck, Reinhard