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2005Electron energy loss spectroscopy of Gd compoundsTyszka, B; Szade, J; Skorek, G; Neumann, A
1999Electronic structure investigation of Gd intermetallicsSzade, J; Neumann, M
2001Exchange splitting of photoemission lines in GdF3 and metallic Gd compoundsSzade, J; Neumann, M
1997High-resolution Gd 4d photoemission from different intermetallic compoundsSzade, J; Lachnitt, J; Neumann, M
2002Investigation of resonant photoemission from GdCu2 and Gd5Si4Szade, J; Skorek, G; Neumann, M; Schneider, B; Fangmeyer, F; Matteucci, A; Paolucci, G; Goldoni, A
1996Photoelectron spectroscopy and magnetism of some gadolinium intermetallic compoundsSzade, J; Neumann, M
1999Photoemission investigation of Gd-Cu compoundsSzade, J; Karla, I; Gravel, D; Neumann, M
2000Photon energy dependence of the Gd 4d photoemissionSzade, J; Neumann, M; Karla, I; Schneider, B; Fangmeyer, F; Matteucci, M