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2002Charge localization in collision-induced multiple ionization of van der Waals clusters with highly charged ionsTappe, W; Flesch, R; Ruhl, E; Hoekstra, R; Schlatholter, T
2001Dynamic stabilization in 1 sigma(u) -> 1 pi(g) excited nitrogen clustersFlesch, R; Pavlychev, AA; Neville, JJ; Blumberg, J; Kuhlmann, M; Tappe, W; Senf, F; Schwarzkopf, O; Hitchcock, AP; Ruhl, E
2002High resolution near-edge spectroscopy of molecules and molecular van der Waals clustersFlesch, R; Tappe, W; Ruhl, E; Pavlychev, AA
2001Progress on inner-shell excitations of molecular van der Waals clustersRuhl, E; Flesch, R; Tappe, W; Pavlychev, AA
1997RHEED structure analysis of the oscillatory catalytic CO oxidation at Pt(110) surfacesTappe, W; Korte, U; MeyerEhmsen, G
2002Sulfur 1s excitation of S-2 and S-8: Core-valence- and valence-valence-exchange interaction and geometry-specific transitionsRuhl, E; Flesch, R; Tappe, W; Novikov, D; Kosugi, N