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1996Ser57 in the Na+/proline permease of Escherichia coli is critical for high-affinity proline uptakeQuick, M; Tebbe, S; Jung, H
2000Spin labeling analysis of structure and dynamics of the Na+/proline transporter of Escherichia coliWegener, C; Tebbe, S; Steinhoff, HJ ; Jung, HR
1998Topology of the Na+/Proline transporter of Escherichia coliJung, H; Rubenhagen, R; Tebbe, S; Leifker, K; Tholema, N; Quick, M; Schmid, R
1998Unidirectional reconstitution and characterization of purified Na+/proline transporter of Escherichia coliJung, H; Tebbe, S; Schmid, R; Jung, K