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2007Investigation of chemical and grain-boundary effects in the Zr-doped La2/3Sr1/3ZrxMn1-xO3 manganitesTetean, R.; Deac, I. G.; Burzo, E.; Takacs, A.; Neumann, M.
2012Magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect in La1.4-x Ce (x) Ca1.6Mn2O7 perovskites synthesized by sol-gel methodDudric, R.; Goga, F.; Neumann, M.; Mican, S.; Tetean, R.
2008Physical properties of La1-xPbxMnO3 perovskitesBurzo, E.; Baasz, I.; Deac, T. G.; Neumann, M.; Tetean, R.
2012The effect of Gd doping on electronic properties of NiMnSb compoundsGrasin, R.; Rusu, C.; Dudric, R.; Mican, S.; Neumann, M.; Tetean, R.
2014XPS study on La0.67Ca0.33Mn1-xCoxO3 compoundsDudric, R.; Vladescu, A.; Rednic, V.; Neumann, M.; Deac, I. G.; Tetean, R.