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2015Adhesive pad differentiation in Drosophila melanogaster depends on the Polycomb group gene Su(z)2Huesken, Mirko; Hufnagel, Kim; Mende, Katharina; Appel, Esther; Meyer, Heiko; Peisker, Hendrick; Toegel, Markus; Wang, Shuoshuo; Wolff, Jonas; Gorb, Stansislav N.; Paululat, Achim 
2013In vivo imaging of Drosophila wing heart development during pupal stagesToegel, Markus; Pass, Guenther; Paululat, Achim 
2013The bHLH transcription factor hand is required for proper wing heart formation in DrosophilaToegel, Markus; Meyer, Heiko; Lehmacher, Christine; Heinisch, Juergen J.; Pass, Guenther; Paululat, Achim 
2015The bHLH Transcription Factor Hand Regulates the Expression of Genes Critical to Heart and Muscle Function in Drosophila melanogasterHallier, Benjamin; Hoffmann, Julia; Roeder, Thomas; Toegel, Markus; Meyer, Heiko; Paululat, Achim 
2015The circulatory organs of insect wings: Prime examples for the origin of evolutionary noveltiesPass, Guenther; Toegel, Markus; Krenn, Harald; Paululat, Achim 
2009The Drosophila wing hearts consist of syncytial muscle cells that resemble adult somatic musclesLehmacher, Christine; Toegel, Markus; Pass, Guenther; Paululat, Achim 
2008The Drosophila wing hearts originate from pericardial cells and are essential for wing maturationToegel, Markus; Pass, Guenther; Paululat, Achim 
2009Wing heart integrity depends on the cardiogenic transcription factor hand in DrosophilaToegel, Markus; Lehmacher, Christine; Pass, Guenther; Paululat, Achim