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2010Achieving high effective Q-factors in ultra-high vacuum dynamic force microscopyLuebbe, Jannis; Troeger, Lutz; Torbruegge, Stefan; Bechstein, Ralf; Richter, Christoph; Kuehnle, Angelika; Reichling, Michael 
2008Atomic scale evidence for faceting stabilization of a polar oxide surfaceOstendorf, Frank; Torbruegge, Stefan; Reichling, Michael 
2007Evidence of subsurface oxygen vacancy ordering on reduced CeO2(111)Torbruegge, Stefan; Reichling, Michael ; Ishiyama, Atsushi; Morita, Seizo; Custance, Oscar
2008Morphology of step structures on CeO2(111)Torbruegge, Stefan; Cranney, Marion; Reichling, Michael 
2007Sampling the two-dimensional density of states g(E,M) of a giant magnetic molecule using the Wang-Landau methodTorbruegge, Stefan; Schnack, Juergen 
2007Self-assembled sub-surface oxygen vacancy arrays on reduced CeO 2 (111)Torbruegge, Stefan; Reichling, Michael ; Morita, Seizo; Custance, Oscar
2009Stabilization of Zinc-Terminated ZnO(0001) by a Modified Surface StoichiometryTorbruegge, Stefan; Ostendorf, Frank; Reichling, Michael 
2010Unravelling the atomic structure of cross-linked (1 x 2) TiO2(110)Pieper, Hans Hermann; Venkataramani, Krithika; Torbruegge, Stefan; Bahr, Stephan; Lauritsen, Jeppe V.; Besenbacher, Flemming; Kuehnle, Angelika; Reichling, Michael