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1995Field test of volatilization modelsTrapp, S; Harland, B
1999Georeferenced fate modelling of LAS in the Itter streamSchulze, C; Matthies, M; Trapp, S; Schroder, FR
1997Modeling volatilization of PCDD/F from soil and uptake into vegetationTrapp, S; Matthies, M
2000Proposals to overcome limitations in the EU chemical risk assessment schemeTrapp, S; Schwartz, S
1998Quality criteria for environmental risk assessment software - Using the example of EUSESSchwartz, S; Berding, V; Trapp, S; Matthies, M
1995Uptake of terbuthylazine and its medium polar metabolites into maize plantsGayler, S; Trapp, S; Matthies, M; Schroll, R; Behrendt, H