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2020Enhancing the capacity of water governance to deal with complex management challenges: A framework of analysisPahl-Wostl, Claudia ; Knieper, Christian ; Lukat, Evelyn; Meergans, Franziska; Schoderer, Mirja; Schuetze, Nora; Schweigatz, Daniel; Dombrowsky, Ines; Lenschow, Andrea ; Stein, Ulf; Thiel, Andreas; Troeltzsch, Jenny; Vidaurre, Rorigo
2023Improving the socio-ecological fit in water governance by enhancing coordination of ecosystem services usedPahl-Wostl, Claudia ; Lukat, Evelyn; Stein, Ulf; Troeltzsch, Jenny; Yousefi, Ali
2023The diagnostic water governance tool- supporting cross-sectoral cooperation and coordination in water resources managementStein, Ulf; Bueb, Benedict; Knieper, Christian ; Troeltzsch, Jenny; Vidaurre, Rodrigo; Favero, Fausto