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2002Comparative low-frequency Raman study of straight-chain-segment length distributions in gel-derived and melt-crystallized polyethylenesPakhomov, PM; Khizhnyak, S; Golitsyn, V; Ruhl, E; Vasil'eva, V; Tshmel, A
2003Crystalline phase in the ultrahigh molecular-weight polyethylene gel solution and xerogelPakhomov, PM; Khizhnyak, S; Reuter, H ; Tshmel, A
2003Crystallisation process on the stage of the gel-to-solid transformation in thermo-reversible polyethylene gelsPakhomov, PM; Khizhnyak, S; Ruhl, E; Egorov, V; Tshmel, A
2003Effect of intercrystallite straight-chain segments on Young's modulus of gel-spun polyethylene fibersPakhomov, PM; Khizhnyak, S; Reuter, H ; Galitsyn, V; Tshmel, A
2003Effect of the morphology of reactor powders on the structure and mechanical behavior of drawn ultra-high molecular weight polyethylenesTsobkallo, K; Vasilieva, V; Khizhnyak, S; Pakhomov, P; Galitsyn, V; Ruhl, E; Egorov, V; Tshmel, A
2003Gel-to-solid transition in polyethylene from the viewpoint of the crystallization processPakhomov, P; Khizhnyak, S; Reuter, H ; Lechner, M; Tshmel, A