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2014Explaining the success of Kogelnik's coupled-wave theory by means of perturbation analysis: discussionSchmidt, Heinz-Juergen; Imlau, Mirco ; Voit, Kay-Michael
2015Holographic spectroscopy: analysis of convergent phase developmentVoit, Kay-Michael; Imlau, Mirco 
2013Holographic Spectroscopy: Wavelength-Dependent Analysis of Photosensitive Materials by Means of Holographic TechniquesVoit, Kay-Michael; Imlau, Mirco 
2015Interference and holography with femtosecond laser pulses of different coloursOdoulov, Serguey; Shumelyuk, Alexandr; Badorreck, Holger; Nolte, Stefan; Voit, Kay-Michael; Imlau, Mirco 
2013Models in nonlinear condensed-matter optics : from theory to experimentVoit, Kay-Michael
2016Optical Riblet Sensor: Beam Parameter Requirements for the Probing Laser SourceTschentscher, Juliane; Hochheim, Sven; Bruening, Hauke; Brune, Kai; Voit, Kay-Michael; Imlau, Mirco