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1999A holographic method for the determination of all linear electrooptic coefficients applied to Ce-doped strontium-barium-niobateDorfler, UB; Piechatzek, R; Woike, T; Imlau, MK ; Wirth, V; Bohaty, L; Volk, T; Pankrath, R; Wohlecke, M
2004Effects of Ni doping on properties of strontium-barium-niobate crystalsVolk, T; Isakov, D; Salobutin, V; Ivleva, L; Lykov, P; Ramzaev, V; Wohlecke, M
2001Effects of rare-earth impurity doping on the ferroelectric and photorefractive properties of strontium-barium niobate crystalsVolk, T; Ivleva, L; Lykov, P; Polozkov, N; Salobutin, V; Pankrath, R; Wohlecke, M
1998Ferroelectric and optical hysteresis in SBN doped with rare earth elementsWoike, T; Volk, T; Dorfler, U; Pankrath, R; Ivleva, L; Wohlecke, M
1997Ferroelectric phenomena in holographic properties of strontium-barium niobate crystals doped with rare-earth elementsVolk, T; Woike, T; Doerfler, U; Pankrath, R; Ivleva, L; Woehlecke, M
2003Ferroelectric switching of strontium-barium-niobate crystals in pulsed fieldsVolk, T; Isakov, D; Ivleva, L; Wohlecke, M
1998Influence of in doping on the refractive indices of lithium niobateKasemir, K; Betzler, K ; Matzas, B; Tiegel, B; Wohlecke, M; Rubinina, N; Volk, T
1999Influence of Zn doping on electrooptical properties and structure parameters of lithium niobate crystalsAbdi, F; Aillerie, M; Fontana, M; Bourson, P; Volk, T; Maximov, B; Sulyanov, S; Rubinina, N; Wohlecke, M
1998Influence of Zn/In codoping on the optical properties of lithium niobateKasemir, K; Betzler, K ; Matzas, B; Tiegel, B; Wahlbrink, T; Wohlecke, M; Gather, B; Rubinina, N; Volk, T
2001Modification of the optical and photorefractive properties of Ce-doped strontium-barium niobate by co-doping with a nonphotorefractive La impurityVolk, T; Ivleva, L; Lykov, P; Isakov, D; Osiko, V; Wohlecke, M
1997On the role of intrinsic clusters in damage-resistant LiNbO3Wohlecke, M; Volk, T; Donnerberg, H
2001Photorefractive properties of LiNbO3 : Zn crystals related to the defect structureVolk, T; Maximov, B; Chernaya, T; Rubinina, N; Wohlecke, M; Simonov, V
1995Refractive indices of Zn-doped lithium niobateSchlarb, U; Wohlecke, M; Gather, B; Reichert, A; Betzler, K ; Volk, T; Rubinina, N
2003Relation of the photorefraction and optical-damage resistance to the intrinsic defect structure in LiNbO3 crystalsVolk, T; Maximov, B; Sulyanov, S; Rubinina, N; Wohlecke, M
1995SHG phase matching conditions for undoped and doped lithium niobateSchlarb, U; Reichert, A; Betzler, K ; Wohlecke, M; Gather, B; Volk, T; Rubinina, N
2005Study of ferroelectric domain switching by domain wall induced light scatteringVolk, T; Isakov, D; Ivanov, N; Ivleva, L; Betzler, K ; Tunyagi, A; Wohlecke, M
1995The peculiar impurity concentration ranges in damage-resistant LiNbO3 crystals doped with Mg, Zn, In and SnVolk, T; Wohlecke, M; Reichert, A; Jermann, F; Rubinina, N
2005Thermal fixation of the photorefractive holograms recorded in lithium niobate and related crystalsVolk, T; Wohlecke, M