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1998An improved design of an integrated optical isolator based on non-reciprocal Mach-Zehnder interferometryBahlmann, N; Lohmeyer, M; Wallenhorst, M; Dotsch, H; Hertel, P
1996Determination of the ferrimagnetic precession cone of in-plane magnetized garnet films using optical modulation techniqueBahlmann, N; Gerhardt, R; Wallenhorst, M; Dotsch, H
1998Improved design of magnetooptic rib waveguides for optical isolatorsBahlmann, N; Chandrasekhara, V; Erdmann, A; Gerhardt, R; Hertel, P; Lehmann, R; Salz, D; Schroteler, FJ; Wallenhorst, M; Dotsch, H
2001Influence of microscopic defects in type-II superconducting thin films on the magnetic flux penetrationEisenmenger, J; Leiderer, P; Wallenhorst, M; Dotsch, H
1999Nondestructive magneto-optical characterization of natural and artificial defects on 3 `' HTSC wafers at liquid nitrogen temperatureEisenmenger, J; Schiessling, J; Bolz, U; Runge, BU; Leiderer, P; Lorenz, M; Hochmuth, H; Wallenhorst, M; Dotsch, H
1999Reduction of the temperature dependence of the nonreciprocal effect of magneto-optic channel waveguidesBahlmann, N; Wallenhorst, M; Wilkens, L; Backherms, V; Josef, A; Hertel, P; Dotsch, H
1996Structures in superconducting YBa2Cu3O7-delta thin films investigated by magneto-optic techniqueEisenmenger, J; Kambach, S; Saleh, S; Tihi, A; Leiderer, P; Wallenhorst, M; Dotsch, H