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2020Effectiveness of secondary prevention in metalworkers with work-related skin diseases and comparison with participants of a tertiary prevention program: A prospective cohort studyBrans, Richard ; Wilke, Annika; Rodriguez, Elke; Boraczynski, Nicole; Weidinger, Stephan; Reich, Anna; Geier, Johannes; Schoen, Michael P. ; Skudlik, Christoph ; John, Swen M. 
2020Health education decreases incidence of hand eczema in metal work apprentices: Results of a controlled intervention studyReich, Anna; Wilke, Annika; Gediga, Guenther; Baurecht, Hansjoerg; Rodriguez, Elke; Jakasa, Ivone; Geier, Johannes; Mempel, Martin; Buhl, Timo; Weidinger, Stephan; Kezic, Sanja; John, Swen M. ; Schoen, Michael P. ; Brans, Richard 
2019Transient epidermal barrier deficiency and lowered allergic threshold in filaggrin-hornerin (FlgHrnr(-/-)) double-deficient miceRahrig, Sebastian; Dettmann, Judith M.; Brauns, Birka; Lorenz, Verena N.; Buhl, Timo; Kezic, Sanja; Elias, Peter M.; Weidinger, Stephan; Mempel, Martin; Schoen, Michael P.; Braun, Andrea