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2001Attentional characteristics of schizophrenia patients differing in learning proficiency on the Wisconsin Card Sorting TestWiedl, KH; Wienobst, J; Schottke, HH ; Green, MF; Nuechterlein, KH
1999Cognitive modifiability as a measure of readiness for rehabilitationWiedl, KH
2002Differential efficacy of occupational therapy in schizophrenia - Evaluation studies in the schizophrenia competency networkWiedl, KH; Jons, K; Uhlhorn, S; Kohler, K
2006Do the effects of inpatient vocational therapy and ergotherapy approaches differ in schizophrenic patients? - Results of a controlled multicenter study of the German research network on schizophreniaLangle, G; Bayer, W; Koster, M; Salize, HJ; Hohl, W; Machleidt, W; Wiedl, KH; Buchkremer, G
2001Dynamic assessment of cognitive rehabilitation potential in schizophrenic persons and in elderly persons with and without dementiaWiedl, KH; Schottke, H ; Garcia, MDC
2004Dynamic testing in schizophrenia: Does training change the construct validity of a test?Wiedl, KH; Schottke, H ; Green, MF; Nuechterlein, KH
1999Interindividual differences in cognitive remediation research with schizophrenic patients - indicators of rehabilitation potential?Wiedl, KH; Wienobst, J
1999Interindividual differences in schizophrenic patients' responsivity to cognitive remediation in the Wisconsin Card Sorting TestWiedl, KH; Wienobst, J; Schottke, H ; Kauffeldt, S
2001The importance of proficiency in the German language in development and treatment of psychiatric diseasesRiecken, A; Wiedl, KH; Weig, W
2002The prediction of schizophrenic patients' proficiency in psycho-educational treatment by indicators of cognitive modifiability assessed with the Wisconsin Card Sorting TestWiedl, KH; Schottke, H 
2002The work personality profile: An instrument for the assessment of the work competence of psychiatric patientsWiedl, KH; Uhlhorn, S; Kohler, K; Weig, W
2005Which schizophrenic patients improve under work therapy, which ones don't?Wiedl, KH; Kemper, K; Uhlhorn, S; Schottke, H