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2005Applications of magneto-optical waveguides in integrated optics: reviewDotsch, H; Bahlmann, N; Zhuromskyy, O; Hammer, M; Wilkens, L; Gerhardt, R; Hertel, P; Popkov, AF
2003Compensation walls in gallium and aluminum substituted gadolinium-bismuth-iron garnet films created by laser annealing: Measurements and simulationsWilkens, L; Trager, D; Dotsch, H; Alexeev, AM; Popkov, AF; Korneev, VI
1999Experimental investigation of the nonreciprocal phase shift of a transverse electric mode in a magneto-optic rib waveguideFehndrich, M; Josef, A; Wilkens, L; Kleine-Borger, J; Bahlmann, N; Lohmeyer, M; Hertel, P; Dotsch, H
2001Integrated magnetooptic cross strip isolatorLohmeyer, M; Wilkens, L; Zhuromskyy, O; Dotsch, H; Hertel, P
2001Magnetooptical waveguides with polarization-independent nonreciprocal PhaseShiftZhuromskyy, O; Dotsch, H; Lohmeyer, M; Wilkens, L; Hertel, P
2001Nonreciprocal phase shift of TE modes induced by a compensation wall in a magneto-optic rib waveguideWilkens, L; Trager, D; Dotsch, H; Popkov, AF; Alekseev, AM
2000Polarization-independent waveguide optical isolator based on nonreciprocal phase shiftFujita, J; Levy, M; Osgood, RM; Wilkens, L; Dotsch, H
1999Reduction of the temperature dependence of the nonreciprocal effect of magneto-optic channel waveguidesBahlmann, N; Wallenhorst, M; Wilkens, L; Backherms, V; Josef, A; Hertel, P; Dotsch, H
2000Waveguide optical isolator based on Mach-Zehnder interferometerFujita, J; Levy, M; Osgood, RM; Wilkens, L; Dotsch, H