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2010Atmospheric Ionization Module Osnabruck (AIMOS): 2. Total particle inventory in the October-November 2003 event and ozoneWissing, J. M.; Kallenrode, M. -B.; Wieters, N.; Winkler, H.; Sinnhuber, M.
2011Atmospheric Ionization Module Osnabruck (AIMOS): 3. Comparison of electron density simulations by AIMOS-HAMMONIA and incoherent scatter radar measurementsWissing, J. M.; Kallenrode, M. -B.; Kieser, J.; Schmidt, H.; Rietveld, M. T.; Stromme, A.; Erickson, P. J.
2009Atmospheric Ionization Module Osnabruck (AIMOS): A 3-D model to determine atmospheric ionization by energetic charged particles from different populationsWissing, J. M.; Kallenrode, M. -B.
2011Composition changes after the ``Halloween'' solar proton event: the High Energy Particle Precipitation in the Atmosphere (HEPPA) model versus MIPAS data intercomparison studyFunke, B.; Baumgaertner, A.; Calisto, M.; Egorova, T.; Jackman, C. H.; Kieser, J.; Krivolutsky, A.; Lopez-Puertas, M.; Marsh, D. R.; Reddmann, T.; Rozanov, E.; Salmi, S. -M.; Sinnhuber, M.; Stiller, G. P.; Verronen, P. T.; Versick, S.; von Clarmann, T.; Vyushkova, T. Y.; Wieters, N.; Wissing, J. M.
2015Contribution of proton and electron precipitation to the observed electron concentration in October-November 2003 and September 2005Verronen, P. T.; Andersson, M. E.; Kero, A.; Enell, C. -F.; Wissing, J. M.; Talaat, E. R.; Kauristie, K.; Palmroth, M.; Sarris, T. E.; Armandillo, E.
2012Impacts of the January 2005 solar particle event on noctilucent clouds and water at the polar summer mesopauseWinkler, H.; von Savigny, C.; Burrows, J. P.; Wissing, J. M.; Schwartz, M. J.; Lambert, A.; Garcia-Comas, M.
2011Interannual variation of NOx from the lower thermosphere to the upper stratosphere in the years 1991-2005Sinnhuber, M.; Kazeminejad, S.; Wissing, J. M.
2013Lifetime and production rate of NOx in the upper stratosphere and lower mesosphere in the polar spring/summer after the solar proton event in October-November 2003Friederich, F.; von Clarmann, T.; Funke, B.; Nieder, H.; Orphal, J.; Sinnhuber, M.; Stiller, G. P.; Wissing, J. M.
2016Model studies of short-term variations induced in trace gases by particle precipitation in the mesosphere and lower thermosphereFytterer, T.; Bender, S.; Berger, U.; Nieder, H.; Sinnhuber, M.; Wissing, J. M.
2016Nighttime mesospheric hydroxyl enhancements during SEP events and accompanying geomagnetic storms: Ionization rate modeling and Aura satellite observationsVerkhoglyadova, O. P.; Wissing, J. M.; Wang, S.; Kallenrode, M. -B.; Zank, G. P.
2016Particle precipitation: How the spectrum fit impacts atmospheric chemistryWissing, J. M.; Nieder, H.; Yakovchouk, O. S.; Sinnhuber, M.
2010Solar particle precipitation into the polar atmosphere and their dependence on hemisphere and local timeBornebusch, J. P.; Wissing, J. M.; Kallenrode, M. -B.
2016The influence of Middle Range Energy Electrons on atmospheric chemistry and regional climateArsenovic, P.; Rozanov, E.; Stenke, A.; Funke, B.; Wissing, J. M.; Mursula, K.; Tummon, F.; Peter, T.
2008Variation of energetic particle precipitation with local magnetic timeWissing, J. M.; Bornebusch, J. P.; Kallenrode, M. -B.