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2007Compositional dependence of optical and vibrational properties of strontium barium niobate (SrxBa1-xNb2O6)David, C.; Tunyagi, A.; Betzler, K.; Woehlecke, M.
2006Evidence for two-path recombination of photoinduced small polarons in reduced LiNbO3Merschjann, C.; Berben, D.; Imlau, M. ; Woehlecke, M.
2000Holographic measurements as a probe for domain dynamics and polarization reversal in the ferroelectric relaxor Strontium-Barium-NiobateDoerfler, U.; Imlau, M. ; Woike, Th.; Kleemann, W.; Pankrath, R.; Woehlecke, M.
1993Influence of the Damage Resistant Impurities on the UV-Excited Luminescence In LiNbO3Fischer, C. E.; Woehlecke, M.; Volk, T. R.; Rubinina, N. M.
2007Interactions of optically generated space-charge waves with magnetic fields in semi-insulating InP : Fe single crystalsPetrov, M. P.; Bryksin, V. V.; Lemmer, M.; Hilling, B.; Woehlecke, M.; Imlau, M. 
1996OPTICAL-DAMAGE-RESISTANT IMPURITIES (MG, ZN, IN, SC) IN LITHIUM NIOBATEVolk, T.; Woehlecke, M.; Rubinina, N.; Reichert, A.; Razumovski, N.
2007Peculiarities of the ferroelectric switching in strontium-barium niobate relaxor ferroelectricsVolk, T. R.; Isakov, D. V.; Gladkii, V. V.; Ivanova, E. S.; Woehlecke, M.
2000Pinning effects and the dynamic behavior of ferroelectric domains in Sr0.61Ba0.39Nb2O6:CeGranzow, T.; Imlau, M. ; Woike, Th.; Kleemann, W.; Woehlecke, M.; Pankrath, R.
1996REFRACTIVE INDICES OF ZN/IN-CO-DOPED LITHIUM NIOBATESchlarb, U.; Matzas, B.; Reichert, A.; Betzler, K.; Woehlecke, M.; Gather, B.; Volk, T.
2006Structural properties of Sr0.61Ba0.39Nb2O6 in the temperature range 10-500 K investigated by high-resolution neutron powder diffraction and specific heat measurementsSchefer, J.; Schaniel, D.; Pomjakushin, V.; Stuhr, U.; Petricek, V.; Woike, Th.; Woehlecke, M.; Imlau, M. 
2005Studies on the lifetime of small polarons in reduced nominally pure LiNbO 3 crystalsMerschjann, Christoph; Imlau, Mirco ; Berben, Dirk; Woehlecke, M.
2007Trap-recharging waves versus damped, forced charge-density oscillations in hexagonal silicon carbideLemmer, M.; Hilling, B.; Woehlecke, M.; Imlau, M. ; Lebedev, A. A.; Bryksin, V. V.; Petrov, M. P.