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20131,7-Dideaza-2 `-deoxy-6-nitronebularine: a pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyridine nucleoside with an intramolecular hydrogen bond stabilizing the syn conformationYang, Haozhe; Budow, Simone; Eickmeier, Henning; Reuter, Hans ; Seela, Frank
20145-Nitroindole oligonucleotides with alkynyl side chains: universal base pairing, triple bond hydration and properties of pyrene ``click'' adductsIngale, Sachin A.; Leonard, Peter; Yang, Haozhe; Seela, Frank
20147-Cyclopropyl-2 `-deoxytubercidin: a carbocyclic side-chain derivative of 7-deaza-2 `-deoxyadenosineYang, Haozhe; Budow-Busse, Simone; Eickmeier, Henning; Reuter, Hans ; Seela, Frank
2017``Bis-Click'' Ligation of DNA: Template-Controlled Assembly, Circularisation and Functionalisation with Bifunctional and Trifunctional AzidesYang, Haozhe; Seela, Frank
2016Circular DNA by ``Bis-Click'' Ligation: Template-Independent Intramolecular Circularization of Oligonucleotides with Terminal Alkynyl Groups Utilizing Bifunctional AzidesYang, Haozhe; Seela, Frank
2015DNA with Parallel Strand Orientation: A Nanometer Distance Study with Spin Labels in the Watson-Crick and the Reverse Watson-Crick Double HelixWunnicke, Dorith; Ding, Ping; Yang, Haozhe; Seela, Frank; Steinhoff, Heinz-Juergen 
2017Mercury(II)-mediated base pairs in DNA: unexpected behavior in metal ion binding and duplex stability induced by 2 `-deoxyuridine 5-substituentsGuo, Xiurong; Ingale, Sachin A.; Yang, Haozhe; He, Yang; Seela, Frank
2016Pyrrolo(2,3-d)pyrimidine nucleosides and oligonucleotides: silver-mediated base pair formation and DNA circularizationYang, Haozhe
2015Pyrrolo-dC Metal-Mediated Base Pairs in the Reverse Watson-Crick Double Helix: Enhanced Stability of Parallel DNA and Impact of 6-Pyridinyl Residues on Fluorescence and Silver-Ion BindingYang, Haozhe; Mei, Hui; Seela, Frank
2014Silver Arrays Inside DNA Duplexes Constructed from Silver(I)-Mediated Pyrrolo-dC-Pyrrolo-dC Base PairsMei, Hui; Yang, Haozhe; Roehl, Ingo; Seela, Frank
2016Silver Ions in Non-canonical DNA Base Pairs: Metal-Mediated Mismatch Stabilization of 2 `-Deoxyadenosine and 7-Deazapurine Derivatives with 2 `-Deoxycytidine and 2 `-DeoxyguanosineYang, Haozhe; Seela, Frank
2017Silver-Mediated Base Pairs in DNA Incorporating Purines, 7-Deazapurines, and 8-Aza-7-deazapurines: Impact of Reduced Nucleobase Binding Sites and an Altered Glycosylation PositionZhao, Hang; Leonard, Peter; Guo, Xiurong; Yang, Haozhe; Seela, Frank