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2009Growth of praseodymium oxide on Si(111) under oxygen-deficient conditionsSchaefer, A.; Zielasek, V.; Schmidt, Th.; Sandell, A.; Schowalter, M.; Seifarth, O.; Walle, L. E.; Schulz, Ch.; Wollschlaeger, J.; Schroeder, T.; Rosenauer, A.; Falta, J.; Baeumer, M.
2011Photoemission study of praseodymia in its highest oxidation state: The necessity of in situ plasma treatmentSchaefer, A.; Gevers, S.; Zielasek, V.; Schroeder, T.; Falta, J.; Wollschlaeger, J.; Baeumer, M.
2011Structure of oxygen-plasma-treated ultrathin praseodymia films on Si(111)Gevers, S.; Weisemoeller, T.; Schaefer, A.; Zielasek, V.; Baeumer, M.; Wollschlaeger, J.