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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A Breath of Fresh Eyre. Intertextual and Intermedial Reworkings of <i>Jane Eyre</i>Kullmann, Thomas 
2009A Breath of Fresh Eyre. Intertextual and Intermedial Reworkings of Jane EyreKullmann, Thomas 
2015A corpus-based investigation into key words and key patterns in post-war fictionSiepmann, Dirk 
2017A web of analogies: Depictive and reaction object constructions in modern english and french fictionDyka, S.; Novakova, I.; Siepmann, D. 
2013Abstract Phrasal and Clausal ConstructionsHoffmann, Thomas 
2023Affektrationalität und Affektmoderation in Gryphius’ Übertragung von Vondels GebroedersBremer, Kai 
2023Affordances and Actions: Requests for Confirmation as Devices for Implementing Challenging and Other Disagreement-Implicative ActionsKüttner, Uwe A.; Ehmer, Oliver 
2018Aktuelles ForumDawidowski, Christian ; Maas, Lisa
2019Alcohol and tobacco consumption in english and french novels since the 1950s: A corpus-stylistic analysisGrossmann, F.; Gymnich, M.; Siepmann, D. 
2022An Astrologer at Work in Late Medieval France: The Notebooks of S. BelleHeilen, Stephan 
2020Andreas Kablitz, Der Zauberberg. Die Zergliederung der Welt. (Neues Forum für Allgemeine und Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft 55) Winter, Heidelberg 2017. 576 S., € 68,–.Axel Hutter, Narrative Ontologie. Mohr Siebeck, Tübingen 2017. X/325 S., € 89,–.Krämer, Olav 
2022ArkadienGarber, Klaus 
2021As if irony was in stockLehmann, Claudia; Bergs, Alexander 
2010Athen und Ägypten. Helmut von den Steinen, Übersetzer von KavafisKambas, Chryssoula 
2020Auditory Information Supports the Learning Transfer from L2 to L3 Tonal LanguagesKoester, Moritz; Goeke, Caspar Mathias; Goeke, Bongkoch; Hoffmann, Thomas ; Kaspar, Kai 
2018Because science! Notes on a variable conjunctionBergs, A. 
2020Between Pop and Postmodernism Sibylle Berg's Plays and Novels until 2007Dawidowski, Christian 
2009British Labouring Class Nature Poetry, 1730-1837Kullmann, Thomas 
2021Categories, constructions, and change in English syntaxBergs, Alexander 
2012Chapter 1. Introduction to phonological variation in FrenchGess, Randall; Lyche, Chantal; Meisenburg, Trudel