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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A 4PL platform for the support of the post-harvest logistics - A requirements analysis [Eine 4PL-plattform zur unterstützung der nacherntelogistik - eine anforderungsanalyse]Mehmann, J.; Teuteberg, F. ; Freye, D.
2016A balanced scorecard for the systematic data quality management in the context of big data [Eine balanced scorecard för das systematische datenqualitätsmanagement im kontext von big data]Frehe, V.; Adelmeyer, T.; Teuteberg, F. 
2023A Benchmark for Real-Time Anomaly Detection Algorithms Applied in Industry 4.0Stahmann, Philip; Rieger, Bodo 
2021A Business Model Taxonomy for Start-Ups in the Electric Power Industry - The Electrifying Effect of Artificial Intelligence on Business Model InnovationAnton, Eduard; Oesterreich, Thuy Duong; Schuir, Julian; Protz, Leslie; Teuteberg, Frank 
2014A conceptual framework for the quality evaluation of sustainability reportsFreundlieb, M.; Gräuler, M.; Teuteberg, F. 
2014A conceptual framework of a decision support system for operational dispatching of agricultural bulk goods - an agent-based approachMehmann, J.; Teuteberg, F. 
2012A Context and Content Reflection on Business-IT Alignment ResearchParappallil, John Joe; Zarvic, Novica; Thomas, Oliver 
2015A Decision Model for the Evaluation and Selection of Cloud Computing Services: A First Step Towards a More Sustainable PerspectiveWalterbusch, Marc; Martens, Benedikt; Teuteberg, Frank 
2015A Fourth Party Logistics Provider within an Inter-Organizational Network: An explorative Study with the Example of the Agricultural Bulk Logistics IndustryMehmann, Jens; Teuteberg, Frank 
2021A Framework for Cross-Industry Innovation: Transferring Technologies between IndustriesBehne, Alina; Beinke, Jan Heinrich; Teuteberg, Frank 
2020A healthy lifestyle and the adverse impact of its digitalization: The dark side of using ehealth technologiesBehne, A.; Teuteberg, F. 
2019A Literature Review on Application Areas of Social Media AnalyticsLiere-Netheler, K.; Gilhaus, L.; Vogelsang, K.; Hoppe, U. 
2018A macroeconomic reverse stress testGrundke, Peter ; Pliszka, Kamil
2014A maturity model and web application for environmental management benchmarkingFrehe, V.; Stiel, F.; Teuteberg, F. 
2014A Maturity Model and Web Application for Environmental Management BenchmarkingFrehe, Volker; Stiel, Florian; Teuteberg, Frank 
2022A Maturity Model for Open Educational Resources in Higher Education Institutions – Development and EvaluationReinken, C.; Draxler-Weber, N.; Hoppe, U. 
2007A note on the link between public expenditures and distortionary taxationGaube, Thomas 
2010A Note on the Time Series Measure of ConservatismBräuer, Sebastian; Westermann, Frank 
2010A note on the time series measure of conservatismBräuer, Sebastian; Westermann, Frank 
2013A qualitative approach to examine technology acceptanceVogelsang, K.; Steinhüser, M.; Hoppe, U.