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2022Doxorubicin induced senescence affects the integrity of the inner mitochondrial membrane in human iPS derived cardiomyocytes and primary rat cardiomyocytesMorris, Silke; Molina-Riquelme, Isidora; Barrientos, Gonzalo; Bravo, Francisco; Aedo, Geraldine; Gomez, Wileidy; Psathaki, Katherina ; Peischard, Stefan; Seebohm, Guiscard; Eisner, Veronica; Busch, Karin B.
2022Inner mitochondrial membrane ultrastructure adaptations in the aging heartMolina-Riquelme, Isidora; Gomez, Wileidy; Barrientos, Gonzalo; Diaz-Castro, Francisco; del Campo-Sefir, Andrea; Garrido, Luis; Morris, Silke; Breitsprecher, Leonhard; Psathaki, Katherina ; Verdejo, Hugo; Busch, Karin B.; Eisner, Veronica
2022Mitochondrial cristae ultrastructure adaptations in the senescent heartBarrientos, Gonzalo; Molina, Isidora E.; Gómez, Wileidy; Díaz-Castro, Francisco; delCampo-Sefir, Andrea; Garrido, Luís; Morris, Silke; Psathaki, Katherina ; Verdejo, Hugo; Busch, Karin B.; Eisner, Verónica