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2009Constant c(10) Ring Stoichiometry in the Escherichia coli ATP Synthase Analyzed by Cross-LinkingBallhausen, Britta; Altendorf, Karlheinz ; Deckers-Hebestreit, Gabriele 
2001Specific heterodimer formation by the cytoplasmic domains of the b and b ` subunits of cyanobacterial ATP synthaseDunn, SD; Kellner, E; Lill, H
1999The proteolipid of the A(1)A(0) ATP synthase from Methanococcus jannaschii has six predicted transmembrane helices but only two proton-translocating carboxyl groupsRuppert, C; Kavermann, H; Wimmers, S; Schmid, R; Kellermann, J; Lottspeich, F; Huber, H; Stetter, KO; Muller, V