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2010Archazolid A Binds to the Equatorial Region of the c-Ring of the Vacuolar H+-ATPaseBockelmann, Svenja ; Menche, Dirk ; Rudolph, Sven; Bender, Tobias; Grond, Stephanie; von Zezschwitz, Paultheo; Muench, Stephen P. ; Wieczorek, Helmut ; Huss, Markus 
2004Ion-motive ATPases and active, transbranchial NaCl uptake in the red freshwater crab, Dilocarcinus pagei (Decapoda, Trichodactylidae)Weihrauch, D; McNamara, JC; Towle, DW; Onken, H
2011New Mode of Action for a Knottin Protein Bioinsecticide PEA ALBUMIN 1 SUBUNIT b (PA1b) IS THE FIRST PEPTIDIC INHIBITOR OF V-ATPaseChouabe, Christophe; Eyraud, Vanessa; Da Silva, Pedro; Rahioui, Isabelle; Royer, Corinne; Soulage, Christophe; Bonvallet, Robert; Huss, Markus ; Gressent, Frederic
2014PA1b Inhibitor Binding to Subunits c and e of the Vacuolar ATPase Reveals Its Insecticidal MechanismMuench, Stephen P. ; Rawson, Shaun ; Eyraud, Vanessa; Delmas, Agnes F.; Da Silva, Pedro; Phillips, Clair ; Trinick, John ; Harrison, Michael A. ; Gressent, Frederic; Huss, Markus 
2014Vacuolin-1 potently and reversibly inhibits autophagosome-lysosome fusion by activating RAB5ALu, Yingying; Dong, Shichen; Hao, Baixia; Li, Chang; Zhu, Kaiyuan; Guo, Wenjing; Wang, Qian; Cheung, King-Ho; Wong, Connie W. M.; Wu, Wu-Tian; Markus, Huss; Yue, Jianbo