Lenschow, Andrea

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Lenschow, Andrea
Lenschow, A
Lenschow, Andrea
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12005Compliance, Competition and Communication: Different Approaches of European Governance and their Impact on National InstitutionsKnill, Christoph; Lenschow, Andrea 
22005Compliance, communication and competition: Patterns of EU environmental policy making and their impact on policy convergenceKnill, C.; Lenschow, A. 
32005Compliance, competition and communication: Different approaches of European governance and their impact on national institutionsKnill, C; Lenschow, A 
42005Europeanisation of public policyLenschow, A. 
52005When the birds sing. A framework for analysing domestic factors behind policy convergenceLenschow, A ; Liefferink, D; Veenman, S
62008„Keeping Competence“ — Politikkoordination als Mittel der institutionellen Verankerung europäischer Umwelt- und RegionalpolitikLenschow, Andrea ; Reiter, Renate
72008Integrating the environment for sustainable development: An introductionJordan, A.; Lenschow, A. 
82008PrefaceJordan, A.; Lenschow, A. 
92008Instruments for environmental policy integration in 30 OECD countriesJacob, K.; Volkery, A.; Lenschow, A. 
102008Environmental policy integration: An innovation in environmental policy?Jordan, A.; Lenschow, A. 
112008Innovation in environmental policy?: Integrating the environment for sustainabilityJordan, A.J.; Lenschow, A. 
122009The evolving role of industry in European Union environmental governanceLenschow, A. ; Rottmann, K.
132010The Myth of a Green EuropeLenschow, Andrea ; Sprungk, Carina
142010Environmental Policy Integration: a State of the Art ReviewJordan, Andrew; Lenschow, Andrea 
152012Studying EU environmental policyLenschow, A. 
162014What role for social-ecological systems research in governing global teleconnections?Challies, Edward; Newig, Jens; Lenschow, Andrea 
172015Energy policy coherence from an intra-institutional perspective: Energy security and environmental policy coordination within the European CommissionSelianko, Iulii; Lenschow, Andrea 
182016Cohesion policy and the green economyLenschow, A. ; Baudner, J.
192016Globalization's limits to the environmental state? Integrating telecoupling into global environmental governanceLenschow, Andrea ; Newig, Jens; Challies, Edward
202017Patterns and key issues of environmental governance: What's new?Lenschow, A.