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Pipa, Gordon
Pipa, G
Pipa, Gordon
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12010Assessing coupling dynamics from an ensemble of time seriesGómez-Herrero, Germán; Wu, Wei; Rutanen, Kalle; Soriano, Miguel C.; Pipa, Gordon ; Vicente, Raul
22011Extraction of network topology from multi-electrode recordings: is there a small-world effect?Gerhard, Felipe; Pipa, Gordon ; Lima, Bruss; Neuenschwander, Sergio; Gerstner, Wulfram
32011Applying the Multivariate Time-Rescaling Theorem to Neural Population ModelsGerhard, Felipe; Haslinger, Robert; Pipa, Gordon 
42011Effect of the Topology and Delayed Interactions in Neuronal Networks SynchronizationPerez, Toni; Garcia, Guadalupe C.; Eguiluz, Victor M.; Vicente, Raul; Pipa, Gordon ; Mirasso, Claudio
52011Spike train auto-structure impacts post-synaptic firing and timing-based plasticityScheller, Bertram; Castellano, Marta; Vicente, Raul; Pipa, Gordon 
62011A new look at gamma? High- (> 60 Hz) gamma-band activity in cortical networks: Function, mechanisms and impairmentUhlhaas, Peter J.; Pipa, Gordon ; Neuenschwander, Sergio; Wibral, Michael; Singer, Wolf
72011Emerging Bayesian priors in a self-organizing recurrent networkLazar, A.; Pipa, G. ; Triesch, J.
82011Higher order spike synchrony in prefrontal cortex during visual memoryPipa, G. ; Munk, M.H.J.
92012Statistical modeling approach for detecting generalized synchronizationSchumacher, Johannes; Haslinger, Robert; Pipa, Gordon 
102012Context Matters: The Illusive Simplicity of Macaque V1 Receptive FieldsHaslinger, Robert; Pipa, Gordon ; Lima, Bruss; Singer, Wolf; Brown, Emery N.; Neuenschwander, Sergio
112012Mapping of Visual Receptive Fields by Tomographic ReconstructionPipa, Gordon ; Chen, Zhe; Neuenschwander, Sergio; Lima, Bruss; Brown, Emery N.
122013Impact of Spike Train Autostructure on Probability Distribution of Joint Spike EventsPipa, Gordon ; Gruen, Sonja; van Vreeswijk, Carl
132013Encoding Through Patterns: Regression Tree-Based Neuronal Population ModelsHaslinger, Robert; Pipa, Gordon ; Lewis, Laura D.; Nikolic, Danko; Williams, Ziv; Brown, Emery
142013I like to move it (move it): EEG Correlates of Mobile Spatial NavigationEhinger, B. ; Fischer, P. ; Gert, A. L.; Kaufhold, L.; Weber, F.; Fernandez, M. Marchante; Pipa, G. ; Koenig, P. 
152013An analytical approach to single node delay-coupled reservoir computingSchumacher, J.; Toutounji, H.; Pipa, G. 
162013Memory trace in spiking neural networksCastellano, M.; Pipa, G. 
172013Missing mass approximations for the partition function of stimulus driven lsing modelsHaslinger, Robert; Ba, Demba; Galuske, Ralf; Williams, Ziv; Pipa, Gordon 
182013Modulating the Phase Coherence of Neuronal Population Oscillations in the Gamma BandSancristóbal, Belén; Vicente, Raul; Pons, Antonio J.; Pipa, Gordon ; Garcia-Ojalvo, Jordi
192013Missing mass approximations for the partition function of stimulus driven Ising modelsHaslinger, Robert; Ba, Demba; Galuske, Ralf A. W.; Williams, Ziv; Pipa, Gordon 
202014Preoperative Interleukin-22 Values Add Valuable Information for Outcome Prediction Following Orthotopic Liver Transplantation: A Preliminary StudyBingold, Tobias M.; Just, Lara; Cuca, Colleen; Zacharowski, Kai; Moench, Christian; Muehl, Heiko; Wissing, Heimo; Pipa, Gordon ; Rosenberger, Peter; Bechstein, Wolf O.; Paulus, Patrick; Scheller, Bertram