Piehler, Jacob

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Piehler, Jacob
Piehler, J
Piehler, Jacob
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12000Two novel calcium-binding proteins from cytoplasmic granules of the protozoan parasite Entamoeba histolyticaNickel, R; Jacobs, T ; Urban, B; Scholze, H; Bruhn, H; Leippe, M
22009Affinity capturing for targeting proteins into micro and nanostructuresYou, Changjiang ; Bhagawati, Maniraj; Brecht, Andreas; Piehler, Jacob 
32009High-Affinity Labeling and Tracking of Individual Histidine-Tagged Proteins in Live Cells Using Ni2+ Tris-nitrilotriacetic Acid Quantum Dot ConjugatesRoullier, Victor; Clarke, Samuel; You, Changjiang ; Pinaud, Fabien; Gouzer, Geraldine; Schaible, Dirk; Marchi-Artzner, Valerie; Piehler, Jacob ; Dahan, Maxime
42009Role of Membrane Domains in Interferon Receptor Signaling: a Single-molecule StudyPezzarossa, Anna; Schaible, Dirk; Meckel, Tobias; Piehler, Jacob ; Schmidt, Thomas
52009Organization of Motor Proteins into Functional Micropatterns Fabricated by a Photoinduced Fenton ReactionBhagawati, Maniraj; Ghosh, Surajit; Reichel, Annett; Froehner, Klaus; Surrey, Thomas; Piehler, Jacob 
62009Accelerating phage-display library selection by reversible and site-specific biotinylationKoide, Akiko; Wojcik, John; Gilbreth, Ryan N.; Reichel, Annett; Piehler, Jacob ; Koide, Shohei
72010NMR mapping of the IFNAR1-EC binding site on IFNα2 reveals allosteric changes in the IFNAR2-EC binding siteAkabayov, S.R.; Biron, Z.; Lamken, P.; Piehler, J. ; Anglister, J.
82010Four-color single-molecule fluorescence with noncovalent dye labeling to monitor dynamic multimolecular complexesDeRocco, Vanessa C.; Anderson, Trevor; Piehler, Jacob ; Erie, Dorothy A.; Weninger, Keith
92010Toward Magnetic Control of Cell PolarityCoppey, Mathieu; Etoc, Fred; Lisse, Domenik; Bellaïche, Yohanns; Piehler, Jacob ; Dahan, Maxime
102010Maleimide-based functional protein micro-patterningWaichman, Sharon; Bhagawati, Maniraj; You, Changjiang ; Roder, Friedrich; Podoplelova, Yulia; Piehler, Jacob 
112010Self-Controlled Monofunctionalization of Quantum Dots for Multiplexed Protein Tracking in Live CellsYou, Changjiang ; Wilmes, Stephan; Beutel, Oliver; Loechte, Sara; Podoplelowa, Yulia; Roder, Friedrich; Richter, Christian; Seine, Thomas; Schaible, Dirk; Uze, Gilles; Clarke, Samuel; Pinaud, Fabien; Dahan, Maxime; Piehler, Jacob 
122010Covalent Monofunctionalization of Peptide-Coated Quantum Dots for Single-Molecule AssaysClarke, Samuel; Pinaud, Fabien; Beutel, Oliver; You, Changjiang ; Piehler, Jacob ; Dahan, Maxime
132010Functional Immobilization and Patterning of Proteins by an Enzymatic Transfer ReactionWaichman, Sharon; Bhagawati, Maniraj; Podoplelova, Yulia; Reichel, Annett; Brunk, Ariane; Paterok, Dirk; Piehler, Jacob 
142010In situ assembly of macromolecular complexes triggered by lightGrunwald, Christian; Schulze, Katrin; Reichel, Annett; Weiss, Victor U.; Blaas, Dieter; Piehler, Jacob ; Wiesmueller, Karl-Heinz; Tampe, Robert
152010Role of Plasma Membrane Structuring on Interferon Receptor Assembly & SignalingPezzarossa, Anna; Piehler, Jacob ; Schmidt, Thomas
162010Free Energy Landscapes in Protein–Protein InteractionsPiehler, Jacob ; Schreiber, Gideon
172010Monofunctional Quantum Dot Probes for Single-Molecule ImagingClarke, Samuel; Pinaud, Fabien; Sittner, Assa; Gouzer, Geraldine; Beutel, Oliver; Piehler, Jacob ; Dahan, Maxime
182010Self-controlled monofunctionalization of quantum dots for multiplexed protein tracking in live cellsYou, Changjiang ; Wilmes, Stephan; Beutel, Oliver; Loechte, Sara; Piehler, Jacob 
192010Ultrathin nucleoporin phenylalanine-glycine repeat films and their interaction with nuclear transport receptorsEisele, Nico B.; Frey, Steffen; Piehler, Jacob ; Goerlich, Dirk; Richter, Ralf P.
202010Native Laser Lithography of His-Tagged Proteins by Uncaging of Multivalent ChelatorsBhagawati, Maniraj; Lata, Suman; Tampe, Robert; Piehler, Jacob