König, Peter

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König, Peter
Koenig, P
Koenig, Peter
Konig, P
Konig, Peter
König, P
König, Peter
Konig, P.
Konig, P
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12004Are switches in perception of the Necker cube related to eye position?Einhauser, W; Martin, KAC; Konig, P 
22004Directed interactions between visual areas and their role in processing image structure and expectancySalazar, RF; Konig, P ; Kayser, C
32004Processing of complex stimuli and natural scenes in the visual cortexKayser, C; Kording, KP; Konig, P 
42004Population coding of orientation in the visual cortex of alert cats - an information theoretic analysisKayser, C; Konig, P 
52005Beyond sensory substitution-learning the sixth senseNagel, Saskia K.; Carl, Christine ; Kringe, Tobias; Maertin, Robert; Koenig, Peter 
62005Learning viewpoint invariant object representations using a temporal coherence principleEinhauser, W; Hipp, J ; Eggert, J; Korner, E; Konig, P 
72005Neuroengineering-a renaissance in brain science: Tutorial Series from the 3rd Neuro-IT and Neuroengineering Summer SchoolPearce, Tim C.; de Kamps, Marc; Knoll, Alois; Orban, Guy; Koenig, Peter ; Sandini, Gulio; Davide, Fabrizio; Engel, Andreas K. 
82005Cross-modal integration of natural visual and auditory stimuliTichacek, K; Onat, S ; Konig, P 
92005Learning of somatosensory representations for texture discrimination using a temporal coherence principleHipp, J ; Einhauser, W; Conradt, J; Konig, P 
102006A model of the ventral visual system based on temporal stability and local memoryWyss, Reto; Koenig, Peter ; Verschure, Paul F. M. J.
112006Differences of monkey and human overt attention under natural conditionsEinhauser, W; Kruse, W; Hoffmann, KP; Konig, P 
122006The relation of phase noise and luminance contrast to overt attention in complex visual stimuliEinhaeuser, Wolfgang; Rutishauser, Ueli; Frady, E. Paxon; Nadler, Swantje; Koenig, Peter ; Koch, Christof
132006Symbols as self-emergent entities in an optimization process of feature extraction and predictionsKonig, P ; Kruger, N
142006Feature selectivity in area 21a of the catKayser, C; Konig, P 
152006Texture signals in whisker vibrationsHipp, J ; Arabzadeh, E; Zorzin, E; Conradt, J; Kayser, C; Diamond, ME; Konig, P 
162007Dynamical features of higher-order correlation events: impact on cortical cells (vol 1, pg 53, 2007)Benucci, Andrea; Verschure, Paul F. M. J.; Koenig, Peter 
172007Dynamical features of higher-order correlation events: impact on cortical cellsBenucci, Andrea; Verschure, Paul F. M. J.; Koenig, Peter 
182007The role of first- and second-order stimulus features for human overt attentionFrey, Hans-Peter; Konig, Peter ; Einhauser, Wolfgang
192007Modulation of synchrony without changes in firing ratesHeinzle, Jakob; Koenig, Peter ; Salazar, Rodrigo F.
202007Human eye-head co-ordination in natural explorationEinhaeuser, Wolfgang; Schumann, Frank; Bardins, Stanislavs; Bartl, Klaus; Boening, Guido; Schneider, Erich; Koenig, Peter