Sedimentation measurements with the analytical ultracentrifuge with absorption optics: influence of Mie scattering and absorption of the particles

Autor(en): Lechner, M. D.
Coelfen, Helmut
Mittal, Vikas
Voelkel, Antje
Wohlleben, Wendel
Stichwörter: Absorption; Analytical ultracentrifugation; Chemistry; Chemistry, Physical; Extinction; Mie correction; Mie scattering; NANOPARTICLES; Particle size distribution; Polymer Science; POLYSTYRENE
Erscheinungsdatum: 2011
Herausgeber: SPRINGER
Volumen: 289
Ausgabe: 10
Startseite: 1145
Seitenende: 1155
Analytical ultracentrifugation is one of the most powerful methods for the characterization of nanoparticles since the days of its invention due to its high resolution and statistical significance. Latexes with different sizes and their mixtures have been measured by sedimentation with the analytical ultracentrifuge (AUC) OPTIMA XL-I (Beckman Coulter, Palo Alto, CA, USA) with interference optics at lambda (0) = 675 nm and absorption optics at lambda (0) = 546 and 263 nm. Additionally, a blue pigment with high absorption characteristic at visible light has been investigated. A large influence of Mie scattering and Mie absorption on the particle size distribution with respect to absorption optics and samples with moderate or broad size distribution is observed. Therefore, the consideration of the Mie scattering effect is compulsory for most AUC measurements of nanoparticles with absorption optics.
ISSN: 0303402X
DOI: 10.1007/s00396-011-2440-x

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